graphic design for print

Welcome to Cream Graphics, your one-stop destination for exceptional graphic design services tailored for all your print needs. At Cream Graphics, I understand the power of creative artwork and marketing materials in making a lasting impression. Whether you're looking for digital CMYK formats for a small print run, lithographic solutions for large volumes with spot colours, or even screen printing, I've got you covered.

I have a keen eye for colour and a strong technical background, which ensures that your designs are not just visually stunning but also tailored for optimal performance with the chosen printing method. My commitment to precision ensures that your artwork seamlessly integrates with various printed materials, including all papers and cards, coated stock or un-coated stock, fabric and plastic.

Cream Graphics is a solo endeavour, which means you get the personal touch and dedication of a passionate graphic designer without the corporate bureaucracy. So, if you're ready to elevate your print materials to a whole new level of creativity and professionalism, look no further. Experience the Cream Graphics difference today!

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ads & posters

Advert and poster designs with the power to elevate your brand, capture your audience's imagination, and drive results. In a world where visuals matter, let me bring your vision to life and leave a lasting imprint on your markets' minds.
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labels & product packaging

Product packaging has moved on, along with the technology that manufactures it. Clever geometric-shaped boxes and heavily stylised bottles are all the rage and, in some cases, an extension of the whole product experience and brand.
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banners, flags, lanterns

These come in all shapes and sizes, some suitable for indoors and others outdoors, and are typically cost-effective display solutions. Pop-up banners are commonplace both in business and public spaces, used indoors for everything from
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exhibition display & signage

It’s your biggest show of the year, and you are surrounded by the competition. Your brand and perfectly presented products are showcased for all to see. Potential customers are pouring in. Is yours the stand that stops them in their tracks?
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business cards, flyers, postcards, comp slips

Nowadays, passing on a business card is much more than simply exchanging contact details. Getting the layout and spacing has always been important, as has the quality of print if you want to make the right impression; with advances in
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books, catalogues, brochures, magazines

With the rise of digital media, recent years have shown a decline in demand for these printed products, partly due to cost, convenience and saving the planet, but you can’t underestimate the tactile pleasure of sitting down with your favourite
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branded clothing and promotional accessories

The array of apparel and products available for promotional printing appears never-ending, with dedicated businesses set up even for small quantities; adding branding or artwork to promote your business or brand has never been so accessible.
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To try and make navigating the website more manageable, I have broken the services down into six main categories, all of which you can access via the links below or the menu above. Due to the nature of the work, there will be some overlap between categories.

creative direction

‘Creative Direction’ covers two complementary disciplines. Two sides of the same coin. Initially defining the direction of travel

logo design & branding

Crafting individual logo designs to suit your brand persona; established or just beginning, I'll bring creativity tailored to you

graphic design for print

Creative artwork prepared for all forms of printed media, from spot-colours on lithograph to CMYK on digital, or silk-screen on fabrics.

graphic design for digital

Artwork created for use online or digital devices, such as assets used on websites, an animation, e-book or an advert on social media.


Designed and developed from top to bottom entirely in-house on Joomla, with Gantry framework and organic SEO.


Bespoke hand-drawn digital artwork created for high-quality print and digital media.