To try and make navigating the website more manageable, I have broken the services down into six main categories, all of which you can access via the links below or the menu above. Due to the nature of the work, there will be some overlap between categories.

creative direction

‘Creative Direction’ covers two complementary disciplines. Two sides of the same coin. Initially defining the direction of travel

logo design & branding

Crafting individual logo designs to suit your brand persona; established or just beginning, I'll bring creativity tailored to you

graphic design for print

Creative artwork prepared for all forms of printed media, from spot-colours on lithograph to CMYK on digital, or silk-screen on fabrics.

graphic design for digital

Artwork created for use online or digital devices, such as assets used on websites, an animation, e-book or an advert on social media.


Designed and developed from top to bottom entirely in-house on Joomla, with Gantry framework and organic SEO.


Bespoke hand-drawn digital artwork created for high-quality print and digital media.